Windows Phone Spotted with Windows 9 Mobile OS

First Windows Phone Leak GoFone Featured

It’s confirmed! Microsoft is rebranding its mobile lineup and dropping “Nokia” and “Windows Phone”. Now it will be simply ‘Windows’. Reportedly, a new smartphone (still developing) has been seen with the Windows logo placement on the rear. GoFone GF47W device images are available on n My Go’s own website which clearly shows variety of Windows logos.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella has announced in July that they want to create one single converged operating system of all size, so now we know what he was hinting at – the newest Windows operating system.

First WinFirst Windows Phone Leak - GoFonedows Phone Leak

Assumingly, this whole re-branding process is because of the new Windows 9, which supposedly will be the operating system for new sets of handheld and desktop devices.

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GoFone Company is supposedly the 1st company to work with Windows along with its new brand name, and this smartphone is referred as “your Windows GoFone” on company’s website.

HTC has also renamed its latest device in collaboration with Microsoft and now it’s called One M8 for Windows.