Windows 9 Beta Virtual Desktop Features Leaked – Video


Latest leaks from German Sources reveals great secrets of Windows 9 Beta, thanks to them we know that there is a new and improved Start Menu included in Windows 9 beta and now another leak shows the multiple desktops / virtual desktops in Windows 9.

MAC OS X and Linux users are very well aware of multiple desktops feature, but it’s a relatively new concept for Windows users. There will be an icon on Windows 9 beta taskbar by clicking on which users can create or delete as many virtual desktops as they like, and quite obvious from the same button you can access all of them as well and same is the case with the programs that are on these Virtual desktops.

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It’s quite interesting that these virtual desktops look and feels quite identical to OS X’s implementation. With virtual desktops you have the ease and advantage to manage to different kinds of workflows on a single machine. It’s really convenient to work in isolated environments and as you can see in the video all the features are working fine and do look pretty.

Windows 9 Beta Virtual Desktops Features Showing in a Video by WinFuture: