Watch Dogs Video Game Review – Hack The World Be The King


Watch Dogs- The most hyped-up game of the past few years is finally out. It is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 as well as PC. Watch Dogs has been announced two years ago, and since then it has become a much anticipated game.


Watch dogs can be defined as a Grand Theft Auto with the mix of modern day technology called hacking. Based on technology and crime this game has been set in a fictional version of modern day Chicago, where the protagonist (you) will be given the role of hacker and self-styled vigilante Aiden Pearce. After losing his niece in the starting, the whole action movie starts to heating up. Pearce will be seen fighting, shooting, a hell lot of driving basically for running away from cops. But his indispensable skill is its ability to hack; he can hack into security systems, manipulate traffic signals and hack into other’s smart phones and listen to their conversations.

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Pearce can hack into Chicago’s recently installed ctOS system, from where he can collect almost all kind of information of the citizens and can interfere in their privacy. He is fully loaded with different kind of tools which gives him the freedom to kill bad guys in different ways like killing enemies with firearms, grenades or do some tech-trick to distract or silence enemies. Most often he choose hacking mode, but this does not mean that he does not cause some explosions or shoot enemies in their heads with his gun toys.

Hacking tools are the main plot twists which let you feel that you have a complete control over the world. With having access to ctOS system you are able to create a whole lot of chaos and destruction with just some clicks than guns and explosions. You can distract your enemies with overloading circuit boards, set off grenades remotely, can explode anywhere and the whole list of evil goes on.

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Pearce is continually moving from one place to another, he is on the roll and does not think something else rather than avenging his niece. He is a good guy and has a pretty much similar personality like Batman- who just does not hesitate to kill people in pursuit of his goal. Hacking is the main tool of the game as with its totally cool features, you just need to pull out your Smartphone and here you will be hacking into other people lives, activating road blocks, raise bridges or do anything to save yourself when you are being chased.

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The main story is not very gripping as you will see some repeating mission structures like break into a building, locate some people, hack some useful password or information, create some technical chaos and then run like hell. Missions sometimes feel boring as with the same ongoing chase fighting with cops and gangs. Game will be more interesting and appealing if missions demand you to do some extraordinary cool things which by the way you can do out of missions.

Graphics are nonetheless very much attractive and well detailed; you will enjoy pretty much everything in Chicago. While you are on the run, you can ride on city Train and enjoy some most amazing moments of virtual tourism which is like the best experience of the game. You may be annoyed with games story and narration which always get in the way of fun. I am sure you will compare Watch Dogs with GTA series but other than hacking, my vote definitely goes to GTA as there you like things even they are not making any sense but here everything is like too much organized and prearranged that sometimes you feel like things are not as cool as been described.

Other than hacking, Watch Dogs seems like just a regular third-person action game.

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