Want NAO Robot as your Servant?

NAO robot as your servant

The NAO is a 58-cm tall open-sourced, humanoid robot which according to its founder and CEO of RobotsLAB, Elad Inbar can do almost anything. It’s just not a traditional robot he said. This robot is like your servant who will bring you paper, get you a beer, can drive a baby car and teach kids math and physics as well as can recognize just like any obedient servant, and will respond to your orders.

Wow! Nao sounds great and really it’s enough if you are a baby and cannot do above mentioned things yourself. But guess what its battery lasts only 1.5 hours so you may be charging it more than ordering around.

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NAO is available at the hefty price of $8,000 whereas developers are also working on increasing its size, as well as to bring improvements in the battery timing to make it more useful.