Valve’s Steam Machine Delayed Until 2015

valve steam controller

Valve, the company behind digital video game download service Steam has delayed the launch of its first piece of hardware until 2015. The delay of Steam controllers and Steam machines has been announced vaguely in a blog post, so it likely that many people are still unaware of it.

Valve product designer Eric Hope has announced the delay under his screen name-Axiom, and explained that the problem is not with the Steam Machine itself but rather with Valve’s wireless controller. The company is receiving a great amount of feedback which encourages us to give our users the best of the best final product. We are as much eager as you all to have a Steam Machine in your hands. We promise that you will not be disappointed and will have the best gaming experience.

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At CES 2014, 13 companies announced that they would be making Steam Machines, but due to delay there are chances that these third parties may release their products without Valve or Stream branding.

Stay tune to know all the upcoming details on it.