How To Use SysTools PDF Bates Numberer & Introduction

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Bates Numberer Tool to Insert Page Number to PDF File

Management of PDF file starts from organizing the pages and files in such a way that the sequence is followed and the storage and management is done in proper means. PDF Bates Numberer can be a wise alternative for those users who want to stamp numbering on the PDF files and pages. Software is available online and can be downloaded from the official website of PDF Bates Numberer. This software is very easy to handle and its interface is self-explanatory with necessary and understandable navigations.

Bates Numberer and Its Working

Step 1: Download the software and double-click it and this will launch the software and the main menu will be displayed on the screen with multiple options in Main Menu. The process can be initiated by clicking on available option Bates.

Systools PDF Bates Numberer Screen shot 1

Step 2: The next window shows the types of bates numbering formats offered by tool. User can choose one amongst these options as per the requirement. The available options are;

  • Generate Bates Number: This option is provided to stamp the numbering generated as per your choice to PDF files individually.
  • Generate Bates Number for File Series:Series of PDF files are also maintained and thus multiple PDF files can be maintained with the stamping procedure.
  • Print PDF:One can also stamp numbering and Print it as well with the numbering on it.

Step 3: If you have multiple PDF files and you want to maintain the numbering on pages with respect to different PDF files, choose second option i.e. “Generate Bates number for File Series”.

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Systools PDF Bates Numberer Screen shot 2

Step 4: Next window will open to add the PDF files which are supposed to be stamped. Click on Add File (s) or Add Folder to add the PDF files.

Systools PDF Bates Numberer Screen shot 3

Step 5: Add the files, multiple files can also be added by pressing CTRL and selecting all the files. Files can also be removed as per the requirement.

Systools PDF Bates Numberer Screen shot 4

Step 6: Remove Encryption from PDF option can also be checked to remove the encryption from the PDF files. Once done and click Next.

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Systools PDF Bates Numberer Screen shot 5

Step 7: Bates numbering styling can be created by you and various options are provided for this the prefix and suffix can also be added in incremented style. The format of numbering can be different for series of files and individual files. As here second option has been selected, options for both series and pages will be shown.

Add the Suffix, Prefix, Digits, Increment way, Start Number, Increment by for both Files and Pages. A Separator can also be added for the Files.

The flexibility of providing suffix, prefix, etc. lets users to choose the settings as per the requirement. For e.g. a professional or at an organizational level, bates numbering can be done as per organization’s name, additional text can be added like confidential, etc.

Once all the settings are done, you can click on Next to proceed.

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Systools PDF Bates Numberer Screen shot 6

Step 8: Some more settings can also be done like positioning of the Bates numbering. This option gives user his own choice where he finds bates numbering relevant to be stamped. User can also check the options like; maintain the same number per file, stamp current date at the top right, and continue series of all PDFs. Font of the Bates Numbering pattern and color can also be chosen by user himself.  Once done with all the additional settings, go to Browse and provide the destination in this option. Then click Next.

Systools PDF Bates Numberer Screen shot 7

Step 9: Next window displays all the options chosen by you and settings done for the numbering pattern. Here you can summarize all the details given by you in the same place. Once you are convinced by the details provided by you, click on Generate. Software will now start generating the numbering on PDF files and saves another copy of PDF with numbering. Thus original file is still with without any changes in its properties.

Systools PDF Bates Numberer Screen shot 8

Step 10: Time required for stamping the numbering on PDF file depends on the number of files added by you and also number of pages each file has. As soon as the process is finished the stamping process, a message will be displayed. Here click OK to complete the procedure.

Systools PDF Bates Numberer Screen shot 9


Being an online available tool, it is difficult to earn trust from consumers. But a replicated demo version and experts associated as technical support team wins the trust for PDF Bates Numberer software. Software is capable to stamp bates numbering in multiple PDF files with unlimited pages. There is no restriction on the number of files and pages with this tool. Precision and accuracy of stamping is impeccable and the investment for the product is completely worth for what it does. There are no changes made to the original file and this makes the software an outstanding tool. Flexibility of position, color, font, etc. also makes the tool desirable. There are hardly any flaws with the program and the performance deserves 4.7/5 ratings.