Update To iOS 8 – Video Tutorial


Update to iOS 8:

Details make the experience. These details make it brilliant.

iOS 7 set the bar for how an operating system should be. And iOS 8 moves the experience forward in so many significant yet natural ways. You’ll notice major new capabilities in the features you use every day. And completely new features that let you do things you didn’t realize you wanted to do.

Interactive notifications let you stay focused while you stay in touch.

Take action on texts, email, calendar invitations, reminders, and even messages from apps like Facebook right from their notification banners — without leaving the app you’re in. Now it’s easy to quickly reply to important messages and keep doing what you were doing.

A shortcut to who’s important.

From any screen, press the Home button twice to see the multitasking interface. At the top, you’ll notice something new: the faces of people you’ve recently talked to and — if you swipe to the right — your favorite contacts as well. Just tap one to call, text, or start a FaceTime call.