UnoTelly SmartDNS and VPN Service Review

UnoTelly SmartDNS and VPN and TV Service

Have you ever wished to watch Netflix outside USA?   Well, the services of UnoTelly can give you the answer to your dream.

What about UnoTelly Online TV Service?

UnoDNS is a DNS based service that will let you access blocked channels like BBC, Netflix and more channels that are outside the country.

By using UnoTelly Online TV Service, you will have a much faster connection for streaming services video compared to VPN services. Unlike other services, UnoTelly Online TV Service has no middle man and as a result you can easily steam directly from the streaming media station like Netflix and BBC station. The services of UnoTelly are everywhere; therefore users can stream and connect to it easily through the tablets, Smart TV’S and many more devices.

This product is powered by UnoDNS which ensure the high speed of streaming in media no matter where you are. It is difficult to have an access in Worldwide TV channels but with the help of UnoTelly Online TV Service, it will become possible. No matter users are located and no matter what devices he and she is using, the important thing is that the user can experienced and enjoy the unlimited channels because of the help of UnoTelly Online TV Service.


  • Unlimited Bandwidth to stream

As much as you like, you can stream your favorite channels because UnoTelly has no restriction of bandwidth.

  • It can easily setup

Users can take just a few seconds in setting the Uno DNS and you can browse your favorite channels especially if you love to watch Netflix outside USA.

  • UnoTelly Online TV Service can give you 100% money back guarantee.

If you don’t like the service you can request for the refund which is a deal within 7 days.

  • The service of UnoTelly is versatile

It is made versatile because it can works with all the devices like Android phones and WDTV that the users use in watching favorite channels.

  • It’s a DNS based service not a VPN.


  • UnoDNS is reliable and has a high speed of connection. UnoDNS was built for high speed of connection in different channels outside the country.
  • It can be set up in many devices that you want without any problem or issue.
  • Awesome care support for customers
  • UnoTelly is a service that can allow users from the countries outside US to watch Netflix and can watch without the restrictions anytime and anywhere.
  • UnoTelly is a cross platform support. By using the services of UnoTelly, you can be able to get and watch Netflix outside USA with the use of your entertainment devices like iPad and other gadgets that you have.


  • Some customers said that they found the prizing tables a little weird.

Customer Reviews

For most customers the service of UnoTelly is reliable and efficient because of what it can bring and give to them especially in watching their favorite channels outside the USA. Everyone loves the services that UnoTelly offers for them.


The services of Uno Telly have already surpassed the quality test over the years and have recently hooked in networks because of its good quality and quick services. Using the standard UnoTelly the users can easily connect with their favorite channels that they like to watch especially to watch Netflix outside USA.