Uninstall Or Disable iTunes On Mac OS X Maverick

Disable iTunes in Mac OS X Maverick

Since January 2001, iTunes has been the backbone of media management on Apple devices but for some people iTunes is just an extra baggage. If you are one of them then here is the guide for you with which you can remove iTunes from Mac OS X Maverick.

iTunes is a native app which means you won’t be able to get it removed that easily. But you can disable it by using two ways – the direct approach of going through the terminal and the indirect which is rather a longer approach.

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Using the Finder in OS X Maverick

First, make sure that iTunes is not running – To do so open iTunes and press ⌘ + Q to close it. Go to applications folder from finder and locate the iTunes app > Select the app (don’t open it) and press ⌘ + I > iTunes info will be shown > look for a lock at the lower right, click on it > enter your system password if/when prompted > expand “Sharing & Settings” > you can see which users have custom access > so Make sure all the entries have read & write access (it’s really important step). After this, just delete iTunes just like any other app – by dragging and dropping it on to trash. You can download it again from the App Store anytime.

It’s really important to note that if you try to follow the same procedure for any other app; you are at risk of doing serious harm to your entire system.

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Disable iTunes in Mac OS X Maverick Screen shot 1

Remember that, the above process will not affect your library, music, books, app backups or any other iTunes content, it is safe because that is stored elsewhere (Default ~/Music/iTunes/). But with this move you will not be able to backup or restore iOS and will need another media player for music.

Using the Terminal in OS X Maverick

By using Terminal you can easily kill iTunes and the whole process is quite simple. Just copy/paste the following line into your Terminal which will move iTunes to trash:

killall iTunes; killall “iTunes Helper”; sudo rm -rf /Applications/iTunes.app/

Enter your system password when prompted. If you are using iOS then you need iTunes to workaround but if you are not and also does not have iOS device then you are good to go.

Disable iTunes in MAC OS X Maverick

If nothing worked mentioned in the above steps and iTunes is still working then you need to open its permission (as mentioned above) and enter the following command in the terminal which will leave the helper but make the app pretty much useless:

sudo mv /Applications/iTunes.app/Contents/MacOS/iTunes /private/tmp

The last step is the best as it will leave iTunes on your system useless but you will need to enter it again anytime iTunes gets updated.