Useful Tricks To Track Who Used Your Windows Computer

iSpy Camera Security Software Featured

The most common way to protect your PC is with password, but nowadays people want something more that’s extra safe, because on their PC they have their personal as well as confidential things which they don’t want to expose to the world, so how they can secure their PC when they are not around. Fortunately, we have solutions for this.

How To Check if Someone Used Your Computer or Is Using Currently?

iSpy Application is the best, download iSpy for free which is open source and it uses your computer webcam to snap a photo, it offers motion tracking and automatic photo/video capture so you just to need to set it up once and it will do the rest because its fully automated.

After installing and launching the software, find Add button (upper left hand corner) Click it and then hit “Local Camera” and select the webcam you want to use in the desired resolution and hit ‘OK’.

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To tweak ‘Edit Menu’, go to Motion Detection Tab > Use Detector drop down menu and check Two Frames settings (see image below)

iSpy Camera Security Software Screen shot 1

Now go to ‘Images’ Tab > check the “Local saving enabled” box which will save your photos to your computer so you can view them later. This plan has some flaw like if someone snooping in your computer knows the webcam is on so they will search for photos taken so to override this situation go to “Alerts” Tab > “Select Action” drop-down box > and from here choose the option to send an alert via email, SMS or Twitter. It will allow you to see the photos immediately.

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It requires subscription, Basic (one user) subscription for $7.95 per month or $69.95 per year. You can also set the iSpy media directory to networked drive as there is no other way to get alerts for free.

Another problem is of iSpy’s visibility as the window is quite large and also appears in the system tray but you can start it in Silent Mode, but still program is visible. Finally iSpy will work when your computer is locked but it will not work if your user account is logged out.

Log Every User

KeyLogger are taken as malware, it may be, but keylogging utilities can be used for legitimate purposes such as monitor your PC while you’re away. There are several software available but you should go for legit software such as Elite KeyLogger, Revealer KeyLogger and All In One KeyLogger.

KeyLogger applications screen shot 2

Antivirus can mistake KeyLogger as malwares and viruses that are trying to steal your passwords so beforehand white list your keylogging software.

Taking Screenshots Automatically

Another option is an automatic screenshot application; TimeSnapper is a good tool which takes a screenshot automatically every few seconds. download a free 30-day trial or get full program license for $24.95( individual user).

TimeSnapper application to take screen shots to Spy Screen shot 3

It’s a very simple program takes screenshots every few seconds whereas in full version you can choose custom intervals. It does appear in system tray icon. It plays back screenshots in chronological order so you can use it to track how your PC has been used as well.

Do you monitor your PC, how do you do it? Share with us in comments.