Toyota‘s Fuel-Cell Car Worldwide Availability From 2015 – Hydrogen Stations Will Also Be Established


toyota fuel cell vehicle 2


From the next year-2015, Toyota Motors will start selling this unnamed vehicle globally which will run by hydrogen. The concept version of this car already showcased at CES 2014 with the entire road testing, depicting hot and cold weather effect on it.
Not much details are available on the production of car, according to prototype used by Toyota delivers 300 miles on a tank of hydrogen and it takes almost 3 to 5 minutes to top off.
Toyota also announced 20 hydrogen fuel stations to be established by next year, as California being the initial market has entrusted to spend more than $200 million to create a chain network of 100 hydrogen stations till 2014.
Bob Carter, Toyota’s U.S. Senior Vice President, said before displaying the car that they have faced many challenges and many smart people did not hesitate to call this a foolish attempt to use hydrogen to power up vehicles.
Already looking forward to 2015.

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