The New MacBook 2015 Review

The New MacBook Air and Pro 2015 Featured

Apple never stops to surprise countless notebook users and now, they are offering the new MacBook 2015 equipped with more advanced and convenient features that modern users will surely appreciate and enjoy. With this newest MacBook, Apple has certainly laid out the impossible. This genuine invention was discreetly engineered for full size user experience.

This is crafted and designed not just lighter and thinner, but also intuitive and functional than ever. The entire process of creation includes re-imagining each element to make this new MacBook even better in terms of features and performance. This will be the future of notebooks!

Notable Features of the New MacBook 2015

This latest highly innovative creation displays notable features that you can never find in other brands of notebook. These features include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Full-size Keyboard in Less Space

Full-size and comfortable keyboard is highly imperative for unmatched notebook experience. In this new MacBook, Apple has created and redesigned a new keyboard. Every key is constructed and redesigned along with the key’s underlying mechanism not just to make the entire keyboard thinner, but also to allow for more precise, responsive and comfortable typing that amazingly feels right.

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  • Re-envisioned Retina Display

As soon as you open this new MacBook 2015, you will notice its gorgeous and stunning 12-inch Retina display with an edge to edge glass bringing everything to focus. Every image leaps off the notebook’s screen in vibrant and rich detail. More than three million pixels provide each letter with incredible clarity. Everything comes to light in the most energy-efficient and thinnest retina display ever seen on a Mac. This is also carefully honed to deliver a bolder visual experience with an unbelievably minimal design.

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  • Improved Trackpad

With this new MacBook 2015, there is an entirely new way of experiencing trackpad. The exclusive force touch trackpad is crafted in order to deliver uniform and responsive clicks regardless of where users press the surface. The force sensors underneath detect the level of pressure you are applying and give you a new means of interacting with your Mac.

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Users can now utilize Force click to be able to allow new capabilities such as looking up for a definition of a particular word, previewing files and more by just simply clicking and then pressing the trackpad continuously. These modern capabilities function in addition to all multi-touch and intuitive gestures users of Mac really love. Users will be more in touch with their gadget than ever.

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  • Quietly Astonishing  

This new MacBook has been created for efficient and silent performance. This starts with the fifth generation Intel Core M processor running on only five watts power. When this new MacBook works, you will not even hear a thing.

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This newly created gadget is fully equipped and perfect for a wireless world. Regardless of what you are doing with this MacBook 2015, you can do it with greater ease, speed and convenience. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless technology are also amazing features of this new MacBook. Regardless of your location, you can now easily connect to the web and organize your pictures, transfer files or listen to music without really being tied down.