The Best-Selling App Of The Year: And The Award Goes To Candy Crush Saga




I am absolutely sure that Candy Crush Saga is something which does not need any introduction, as it is an immensely popular game in which you need to match three puzzles. And it is an undeniable fact that the Candy Crush Saga has taken the world by storm.

In short, people are crazy over it. And that makes it the best selling app of the year.

Candy Crush Saga has utilized an already proven formula and also adds a number of interesting elements in it and in the reaction you will get a game which is the Apple’s best selling game of the year.

And here we present you some amazing facts and figures that, Candy Crush Saga is the most downloaded game so far with the number of more than 500 million times so far by iOS and Android users. And also it is the second top-grossing app on iOS this year while it tops in the charts of Android, and alone in the US App Store it has earned approx $633,000 every 24 hours!

And lastly on Facebook which is the third and last platform to play this game, it brags about astonishing 46 million monthly users.

It’s really amazing and thrilling to see this Candy Crush, and I would like to say here it seems like not and ordinary app but it is a free game which actually allows the users to play it without spending much money but if you stuck somewhere and to advance , you pay for in-app purchases.