Spreading The Cost on The Best Game Console for Kids

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Whether you are a fan of the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Wii U, they all have one thing in common – they are very expensive. If you want to have the latest games console then you might have to save up for a very long time. However, there is a way you can get the latest and the best game console for kids today and pay for it later.
This article will look at spreading the cost on the latest game consoles.

Argos Card

Argos sell almost anything you could possibly want, including not only the best game console for kids but also games console accessories. Argos offer the Argos card as a way to spread the cost of any purchase. When buying a games console you are able to spread the cost over a full 12 months. This is a buy now pay later plan and so you don’t need to make a monthly payment if you don’t want to. No interest will be charged on the account as long as it is in good standing. However, be warned that if you do not pay the balance off in full before the end of the 12 months period then you will be charged the backdated interest.

Argos is better than most ‘buy on credit stores’ because the prices are the same as most other stores. They offer excellent value for money and sometimes have some great promotions and offers. So if you’re after a brand new Xbox One on finance, Argos could be the best option for you!


Littlewoods might have disappeared from the high street, but it’s still alive on the Internet. When buying a games console with Littlewoods it’s possible to spread the cost over 12 months interest free. It’s also possible to spread the cost up to three years if you are willing to pay interest. The interest rates are fairly competitive, but will depend on your personal financial status. It is important to note that Littlewoods do tend to charge a higher price for their products when compared with Argos but their credit check does tend to be more lenient.

Buying on a Credit Card

It is also possible to either use a credit card you already have, or take out a new credit card just to purchase a games console. While this would allow you to buy from anywhere, as the prices of Xbox One and Playstation 4’s seem to be pretty well fixed you won’t really gain anything. Also remember that credit cards usually start charging interest after 30 days.

So there you have it, just three simple ways of Spreading the Cost on the Latest Game Consoles so that you can play now, and pay later.