Woman Painted The First Page Of “Harry Potter” On Her Wall


Meredith McCardle who’s an author, started a home project by painting the whole first page of Harry Potter book on her wall and also provided some insight on how she did it.

She borrowed a projector from an elementary school and started tracing with a pencil first.

Harry Potter DIY Project 1
Meredith McCardle

And then she started painting each letter one by one.

Harry Potter DIY Project 2
Meredith McCardle

She also shared some tips with her twitter users if anyone wants to try this at home.

1) “Measure each line as you go and don’t rely on the projector to stay straight. I learned that the hard way.”

2) “Use good quality paint. Trust me when I say you will not want to do a second coat.”

3) “If there’s such a thing as a pencil that doesn’t smudge, use it!”

Once you are done this is what it will look like.

Harry Potter DIY Project 3
Meredith McCardle