Stop Auto-Playing Flash and HTML5 Videos in Chrome

Stop Flash and HTML5 videos in Chrome Featured

Auto playing feature can be annoying as it starts playing videos without any notice. Sometimes when you have opened so many tabs while browsing, previously it was difficult to find which tab in Chrome is playing sound from the video, but now Google Chrome introduced a feature which shows sound icon next to Chrome Tab Title. If still you don’t want those videos to play, Chrome browser extensions can prevent videos from auto-playing and allow you to enjoy uninterrupted browsing.

Let’s see how you can do it

Stop Flash Videos from Playing Automatically:

Flash is a main way for rendering videos so the first thing you can do is disable the flash, and for this you don’t even need a Chrome extension. You can disable it from Chrome menu, go to Settings > scroll down to Show Advanced Settings > click Privacy > click Content Settings > pop up window will appear > scroll down to Plug-ins and from here select Click To Play radio button.

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Once you do that, videos will only play when you click on the videos to play.

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You can also disable flash via Chrome flash blocker extension. With Chrome extension you will have the control to do some tweaking and setting as it allows you to enable/disable auto play videos on different sites.

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Stop HTML 5 Videos from Playing Automatically:

HTML5 is also common in video content embedded on websites. YouTube also use HTML5, HTML5 does not use flash so here flash blocker will not block auto playing of these videos.

You can download Magic Actions for YouTube™ extension free from Chrome web store which is the best way to stop auto-playing of YouTube videos.

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To stop videos from auto-playing, Click on ‘Options’ button or go to Chrome menu > scroll down to Tools and Select Extensions from here. Now mark the Stop Auto-play box from the Stop Auto-play option. To apply the changed settings, restart your browser.

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From now on YouTube videos will not start automatically and you have to manually click on them to play. Magic Actions offer you a lot of features to enhance your YouTube experience rather than just stopping auto-playing and downloading.

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Preventing automatic loading is a good thing as it helps you to save some bandwidth. There are many other options that actually work and stops auto-playing of videos. So what do you think about the auto-playing of videos? Do you think that it’s useful or just an annoyance? Share with us in the comments.