Start / Stop Dropbox Photos Syncing To Your Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Menu Screen Featured Photo

Samsung Galaxy S5 has a lot of nice features. One of the features you are going to love is Galaxy S5 gallery app Dropbox photo syncing. It’s enabled automatically if you sign in to Dropbox in your phone, but you can start or stop it easily if you want.

Let’s take a look how you can enable/disable it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Menu ScreenGo to Gallery on your Galaxy S5 > tap the menu button (in the top right corner) > scroll down and look for “Dropbox sync” menu item > you have to tap connect- if you are already connected, the opposite will apply. So if you are already signed in to Dropbox, you will be asked that if you want to allow the phone access to your Dropbox account. Obviously, Your Dropbox storage will decrease if syncing is enabled.

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That’s it; with it enabled you will be able to see your Dropbox photos within the Gallery app of the phone. By following the same procedure you can disable Dropbox photo syncing to your Samsung Galaxy S5 gallery.