Smartisan T1 Smartphone Review


Recently a fresh Chinese startup unveiled its latest Smartisan T1 phone, this is not another low cost Smartphone, but rather a high-end device like any other premium Smartphone in the market. Smartisan T1 has Android-based Smartisan OS, with unique and differentiating UI and UX features.

Smartisan T1 holds some high-tech features which is common in most flagship phones these days, such as 5-inch 1080p IPS display by JDI, Gorilla Glass 3 on front as well as on back, 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 SoC, 2GB RAM, 16GB / 32GB internal storage variant (no MicroSD expansion), 13-megapixel f/2.0 rear camera, 5-megapixel front camera along with fixed 2,570mAh battery. A noise-cancelling secondary microphone, while for connectivity 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, NFC option is also there.

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Smartisan T1 7

Smartisan T1 will come with 3G and 4G version bands; 3G version is likely to arrive in China July for about $480, while 4G version will come later at the end of the year with price tag of $560.

The real differentiator for Smartisan T1 is its unique Smartisan OS software which definitely does not look like another Android ROM, as its home screen by default holds 3 x 3 grid panels along with three-item dock but can be increased to 4×4 to 9×9 view. Well surprisingly T1 does not allow you to set photo as home screen which keeps the launcher look clean I would say, but you can set a photo on lock-screen. You have like a ton of options for setting themes, and customization is also boundless which allows you to play with different settings as well as to toggle between different options, where you can also change default application icons.

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Smartisan T1 10

13-megapixel f/2.0 camera give you the freedom to shoot some best photos, most interestingly camera app’s night mode is excellent and able to take some nice quality images. 5-megapixel front shooter also does not disappoint, when you will be in selfie mode.  Panorama mode is also there which lets you toggle between 180 and 360-degree mode. T1’s audio performance is also above level as it has OPA2604 op-amp chip, which decrease distortion, noise and resultantly increase audio frequency.

When we talk about outer look, Smartisan T1 looks at 167g heavy and 8.23mm thick, but it perfectly fits in hand and does not feel like slipping away. Due to glass panel’s glossy plastic frames, it might easily get some fingerprints, but the coolest part is its removable back cover which can be swapped if you are in need of some extra juice.

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Smartisan T1 got some cool gestures and features which I am sure you will be appreciating, such as you can trigger a screen rotation anytime using your both thumbs by drawing a circle, take pictures with two sets of rocker keys when your phone is on standby, create a calendar event from a received text message, crop option for screenshots is available right after the capture, the turntable arm in the music app which lets you fast forward or rewind music and the list goes on.

There is also an option of buying a nice case for Smartisan T1 for $30, which nonetheless gives you a nice case but also “SmartCare+” replacement warranty- two free front or back panel within 1 year.

Well Smartisan T1 definitely looks awesome but the sad part is it will be available only in China, and it might not be available outside country soon so you have to actually rely on china residents or an importer if you want to get your hands on this one of its kind Smartphone.