Sirius Act – Master of one Move (Sponsored)

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Living the life of an ordinary man is very easy and every common man does that. However, doing something extraordinary takes extra efforts which make the life worth living. In every field of life, a lot of people are struggling to rise above the mark but we only come to know about those who succeed in their efforts in spite of whatever obstacles come their way. And that is what our hero of the movie Master Of One Move did.

In the similar vein, producing devices for common manufacturers is as easy as could be because they just want to keep their budget low by purchasing low quality devices without thinking about the problems to be faced by the end-users later. However, it takes a lot of effort to produce things for those who never compromise on quality. Thus, it was a serious act for the producers of SIRIUS ACT modular system of command and signaling devices which will be replacing the old SIRIUS 3SB3 generation of push buttons.

On the new compact units, the electrical module is permanently installed and is only secured by the holder.

Acoustic indicators, potentiometers with operating mechanism, sensor switches, push-buttons with extended stroke, and basic indicator lights are available as compact units. The electrical parts are integrated and only have to be wired.

The contact modules are fitted with slow-action contacts with double operating moving contacts. These ensure a high switching reliability even with small voltages and currents. They are suitable for use in electronic systems as well as conventional controls.

Sirius Act is all set to make you Master of One Move.

*This post has been sponsored, but concerns my own opinion.