Siemens (Re)commendable Sirius Act (Sponsored)

Siemens Sirius Act - Mockumentary

Producing a movie can be divided in 5 major parts: Conceiving an idea and signing contracts with cast and crew, settling technical matters before shooting, the actual shooting of a film before uncountable rehearsals, postproduction activities like editing, background music, dubbing and a lot more, and finally getting the movie to the audience. All this procedure usually takes a year or more plus a lot of effort. And we, the audience, within a couple of hours, give our verdict whether movie was worth watching or not. However, when we happen to see the “Behind the Scenes” of a movie, we realize, to some extent, how difficult it is to make a movie. All this came to my mind while watching Siemens presentation “SIRIUS ACT Mockumentary” – Behind the scenes special which covers three movies with a common aim – Performance in Action.

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For a few moments, allow me to take you to the recent past. It was my laundry day today. After transferring the washed clothes from washing machine to the dryer, I pushed the start button. Nothing happened. I pushed it again. No luck. The third attempt, however, was successful and the dryer’s drum started rolling. It hardly took a few seconds. I wasn’t taking part in any race competition where even seconds count, even then I felt uncomfortable.

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Back to now. The movie “The Reveal” cautioned us that the tough was coming to town. The movie “Master of one Move” focused on learning the master piece of move. The movie “Operation: Brilliant” was all about quest for embodiment of beauty, perfect shape, unique design. Lo and behold! All these qualities coincide with SIRIUS ACT Push Buttons and Signaling Devices by Siemens – a great name in the field of engineering worldwide. To manufacture powerful machines you need of powerful controls like push buttons, switches and indicator lights and Siemens have now come up with a vast varieties of all these gems. They are elegantly designed, easy to use from configuration to installation, extremely rugged and reliable, possess perfect embodiment of style, intelligence and physical toughness. So my dear electrical engineers, machine builders and plant electricians! We all need push buttons, indicator lights and switches having these qualities in our machines. Mind it.

*This post has been sponsored by Siemens SIRIUS ACT, but concerns my own opinion.