Set Up Trusted Locations in Android Lollipop

Set Up Trusted Locations in Android Lollipop Featured

To have our devices locked is really a comfort, but there are times when we get pissed for typing the code repeatedly in our Home or Office. Android 5.0 Lollipop allows you to automatically turn off this security layer when you are at certain places. You can add trusted locations where you regularly go and save the hassle of unlocking your Android device again and again.

To set this up, it’s important that you have some kind of lock screen configured. To configure trusted locations from the Security page of Settings where you will also see many options how to configure your device lock screen.

To add trusted locations – tap Smart Lock > Enter your PIN code which will show that you are authorized to make changes > now here you will see 3 options such as security will be disabled when a Bluetooth device detected,  Trusted Places as well as Faces.

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Tap on Trusted Places > Home and Work Addresses of yours will be displayed if you already have set up these locations, if not then you can set them from Google Maps. You can activate area by toggling the switch. You must remember that Google has warned that their accuracy level is 100 meters wide when you will be using this feature.

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To add places other than home and work, choose Add trusted places. It will take you to the map which will show your current location. You have the freedom to set this up or search some other places to add. When you have confirmed your desired location, name it and tap on the blue bar. You can rename or remove your already added trusted locations.