SanDisk 512GB SD – Big Storage Buy it for $729

SanDisk 512GB SD Card Featured

SanDisk has announced the Extreme Pro SDXC card (UHS-1) which is first of its kind SD card that has spacious 512GB storage. Yes! You have read it right 512GB that’s much more than average PCs storage, nowadays mostly Ultrabooks starting capacity is 128GB. Price for SanDisk 512 GB SD Card is $729.

SanDisk claims that the card is “the world’s highest-capacity SD card available in the market.”

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Buy SanDisk 512GB SD Card for $729.
Buy SanDisk 512GB SD Card for $729.

There is no need to worry about wear and tear as this SD card can handle water dunking and even X-Ray machines. 512GB card is rated for 4K video capture and able to write data in real time with ultra-high-res footage, so it’s like a gift for professional photographers as well because it can easily cope with high-speed burst photography. It’s a full sized card (not MicroSD) so it will not work in smartphones.

SanDisk also offers storage 128GB and 256GB SD cards variants in its Extreme Pro line.

Adorama has it for $729 with an estimated late-September ship date.

B&H also has it for $729 but the ship date isn’t until mid-October.