Samsung NX1 Camera – Specs, Price and Release Date

Samsung NX1 Smart Camera Featured

Samsung has always been criticized for not bringing out something worthwhile for its professional photographers clan. Finally the Samsung NX1 Smart camera promises all the features of professional cameras and a big lens for perfect photography. If one is on the lookout for the best combination of technology, user friendliness and innovation then the Samsung NX1 smart camera is the right choice. Samsung has priced this demon for $1,499.

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Buy Samsung NX1 Smart Camera for $1,499.00 (Body Only)
Buy Samsung NX1 Smart Camera for $1,499.00 (Body Only)

Samsung NX1 Smart camera comes with its ability to shoot at 15 frames per second. The 15 fps seed makes the pictures and snap shots look like a part of a continuous picture. It does not get closer and better than this. Including all the heavy weight features and the lens, this smart camera hardly weighs a kilogram. The body of the camera without the lens weighs 550 g.

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Samsung NX1 Smart Camera has been created with specific focus on speed and immaculate, error free performance. The stability in its shoot and pictures speaks itself for the quality that the camera delivers. It is the must have for sport and action photographers due to its innovative 50 – 150 mm f/2.8 lens which has a 205-point autofocus system; and not to forget a multi-axis optical image stabilization. The camera has a built in flash and an OLED view finder.

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The Samsung NX1 is a smart camera because when it comes to connectivity, the NX1 comes fully equipped with a Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth 3.0. Having such compatible and multiple connectivity options allows for real time fast file sharing and transfer with a phone, phablet, or tablet. Another distinctive feature of the Samsung NX1 smart camera is that it has an LCD screen placed at the top, which makes reading different settings easy. This tends to be an uncommon feature in mirror-less cameras and more common in DSLR cameras; but Samsung is known to make their equipment user friendly and handy.

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The 3 inch screen of the camera is Super AMOLED touch screen. The screen can tilt upward, downwards and outwards making it a highlight feature when it comes to photographing from awkward angles. The sensor of the Samsung NX1 smart camera is 28 mega-pixel backside illuminated CMOS. This highly sophisticated sensor provides the camera with the capability to shoot up to ISO 25,600. The snap shots can be tagged with metadata by the smart camera before they are ‘photo beamed’, through the unique feature of Samsung.

Finally, Samsung has come out with its hallmark photographing creation. With its compact size yet incredible features the new Samsung NX1 Smart camera is a dream come true for every professional photographer. But on the downside the Samsung NX1 smart camera limits the capability of the photographer to the Samsung series due to less support for the system in the other brands and names. This tends to reduce the appeal of the NX1 smart product as there are other more established names available; these offer higher and sharper picture quality, image resolution and tend to be multiple system friendly, not to mention in a better price. These tend to be a better value for the price as well as supporting a better variety option. All cons aside the Samsung NX1 smart camera promises to be a wonderful addition to the family of smart cameras and a trend setter for future generations of cameras.