Samsung Gear Live Powered by Android Wear Review


The Samsung Gear Live looks quite similar to the Samsung Gear 2. Although there is no camera but specs are quite alike such as it has 1.63″ Super AMOLED display (320 x 320), Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz processor, dust and water resistance and heart-rate sensor. Samsung Gear Live will work with any Android phone running version 4.3 or higher so there is no Samsung compulsion anymore. It measures 37.9 x 56.4x 8.9 mm and weighs 59g, which makes it a little lighter than the Samsung Gear 2. Nonetheless it still looks big and bulky on wrist.

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The design is somehow better than the LG G Watch- Gear Live comes in black and has a silver design around the face. The best part is that it has a button on the right side of the watch to turn it on. Gear Live’s Strap does not quite fit as sometimes it’s too tight while another time it’s too loose but good thing you have the option to change its strap with any 22mm (0.87-inch) stylish band of your choice. You will also find a small microphone, to talk to your SmartWatch although there is no speaker so it is noise free.

Samsung Gear Live is better in many departments from LG G Watch. AMOLED screen makes the Gear Live a bit more vibrant but you can find it little difficult to swipe around the interface and trigger the icons. It also features heart rate monitor which works well so you can use the watch as a fitness tool as well as an accelerometer, compass, gyroscope. The 300mAh battery will usually make it through a full day but you have to charge it every night. To charge Gear Live, you have to snap it into cradle just like LG G Watch- pogo pins for charging them are there which can be really annoying for some people as I guess plugging the micro USB charging cable directly into the face of the watch itself will be rather more easy and plausible idea.

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Gear Live has an always-on screen, so like any traditional watch you will be able to tell the time. After few seconds of inactivity it turns monochrome and dims while you also have the option to turn off the display which in result will save you some battery. Full on mode hurts watch battery life but it’s compulsory to use outdoors in day time. Holding the watch up to your face will wake it up but this feature struggles in compare to Samsung Gear 2.

Google Now notifications are best but still Google needs to find that balance between information overload and what’s really necessary. You can choose what apps notifications you want on your wrist if you don’t want to feel overload.


Samsung has tried its best to deliver the product but there are still issues and has a room for improvement. Things will get better with time. You will be using voice controlling most of the time as things are buried deep down under menus and it’s difficult to use the display for so much swiping. Samsung Gear Live is available worldwide only at $199. Gear Live is better than other Android Wears but you surely can pass it on.

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