Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Hands-On

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Front

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is similar to Note series but with an edging twist. It has same specs like Note 4 that’s QHD display, S Pen, 16MP OIS camera but what distinguishes it from others is that it has extended portion of the display that’s curved over its right edge. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is sporting a curved AMOLED display sharply on just one edge so don’t mix it up with the Galaxy Round which features the curve across entire panel. With Galaxy Note Edge you have the advantage of multitasking with ease while display will still show a full-screen app. So let’s dive into its details to get to know it more.

The look and feel of Galaxy Note Edge

Other than the dramatic curve on Galaxy Note Edge the rest of the phone feels the same and identical to Galaxy Note 4 with edges, bezels and back are all of a standard design. Galaxy Note Edge display is little wider than Note 4 with 160 pixels of extra width which means that you get a “full” 5.6-inch display but it comes with extra benefit of curved edge carved on the right side. On the back we have the same look with a camera pod, speaker, S Pen and heart rate sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Photos

 The Note Edge is technically a couple millimeters shorter than the Note 4 and it’s made of plastic rather than metal. Its asymmetrical design surely cannot be ignored and it prominent more when the curved portion of the display is in use which shifts the screen over to the left. It feels odd to use while holding it in your right at first but as we all know that what makes this Note shines among others is its edge design.

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But What to Do With the Curved Display on Galaxy Note Edge

Quite unsurprisingly, we all must be thinking at first that why we need this rounded edge display and how/why we use it? Samsung has given the explanation of this Edge display and justify it as ‘the curved portion of the display is to offer you passive or secondary information while you’re using your phone but without relying solely on multitasking key’.

A swipe in from the right edge of the display expands the Edge Screen, giving you the view of Edge Screen app launcher (similar to Multitouch Window app launcher) which gives us freedom to switch between apps any time. Additional swiping can be customized to do various things and hopefully app developers will add their own panels for user’s comfort while on available panels it has music player controls, an S Health overview,  weather status panel, missed calls and messages, a Twitter panel showing trends moreover Samsung has partnered with Yahoo to offer up Finance, News and Sports panels. A toolbox panel is also been added which turn the panel into a ruler, flashlight, stopwatch, voice recorder and time.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Impressions Video by MKBHD:

Edge Screen has also come up with 2 different but cool features; firstly the “Express me” panel that you can customize with wallpaper, photos and different effects and second is a sort of nighttime alarm clock which will display time/date on the Edge Screen while the rest of the screen will be turned off.

These sort of things are relatively new so it will take time for users to get comfortable with, but what concerns me is that how we can avoid hitting the Edge screen even accidently when we are using the device. But I guess all of this will be sorted out with time and soon be mastered.

How it lines up next to the Galaxy Note 4

Apparently, Samsung is positioning the Note Edge as its highest-tier device, but as users it all depend on our priorities as how much we care for the Edge (curving design). Because it feels and looks quite the same as Note 4 although, Note Edge features plastic body but offer us internal storage of 64GB and of course the innovative and exclusive edge curved display.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is available in White and Black, hoping that Samsung will make it available with different color choices. It will be available on Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon later this year.

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