Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Hands-On!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Front

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is undoubtedly better and surprisingly bigger. Samsung has taken the note quite seriously and have added higher-resolution display, better camera, no more stitching but still leather finishing, and better S Pen functionality and also have borrowed some good things from Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Hardware

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features 5.7 inches display screen so it’s better that we call it a phablet with Quad HD Super AMOLED (2,560×1, 440) and 515 ppi. So the display is better and crisper but it does not mean that 1080p display was bad on Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

If you were cursing Samsung for adding faux leather stitching on almost all devices then you surely like Galaxy Note 4 as it does not have that but leatherette texture is still there. Black color is most suitable on Galaxy Note 4. Camera look identical to Galaxy S5 but it’s actually better as its 16-megapixel resolution and the latest and best thing added in it is optical image stabilization. In short, with this you will get less blur, sharper images, improved low light shots and almost everything in better quality.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Photos

Galaxy Note 4: Software

There are not any changes in the software, same design and UI but the best thing is that now it actually works better and quick. There are no more lags but you may see some lags when it comes bloated with different apps, games and stuffs. It’s been running on Android 4.4.4, using it feels like that we are using Galaxy S5 which is a good thing I believe.

The S Pen has been improved and functional as well; it now serves more mouse-like functions such as Hover over the screen while holding the button on S Pen, and it’ll select words just like if you had a mouse on a desk that’s sort of clicking and dragging. With improved Multi Windows you can use 2 things concurrently with ease and comfort but Multi Window is still limited.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Impressions by MKBHD:

Bottom Line

Briefly these are the main things that stand out in Galaxy Note 4, a 16-megapixel camera with OIS and a new front-facing camera, metal casing, quick charging, improved and better S Pen and quick window.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be available on Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and US Cellular starting in October.