Robot Roti Maker: Hands On With Rotimatic

Rotimatic Roti Maker Featured

Roti making is an art as well as science where you have to mix the right ingredients – flour, water and oil then knead it to flatten it perfectly and in last, cook it very carefully with perfect timing and heat. Well now you can have unleavened Indian bread’s signature look with same taste and feel cooked for you by a robot.

Rotimatic- world’s first fully automated roti making machine which will cook perfect shaped roti for you; the device looks just like a bread maker but a little bigger – 40 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm wit 39 pounds which have 10 motors, 15 sensors and 300 parts to give you 1 roti per minute. Amazing isn’t it!

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Rotimatic is a product of Zimplisitc, a California based company of 20 people, in development for 6 years by co-founders Pranoti Nagarkar works on engineering while Rishi Israni handled mainly the software side. Nagarkar said, there is no operating system and its only bare metal. She thought and basically was inspired to make Rotimatic after the failing attempt to make her roti perfect.

It does not matter how skilled you are, you cannot make 1 roti per minute but Rotimatic can do it for you and guess what in best way possible without much human interactions. You just need to fill 3 containers placed on the machine – one for the dry-based ingredient typically flour or any other dry baking ingredients (nothing wet), another for water – can add flavoring ingredients like salt, sugar or cinnamon, basically things that can be dissolved in water and the smallest one is for oil.

You need to pre-heat it to 500F, which will take maximum 5 minutes, add the ingredients in the containers accordingly, select thickness, crispiness and oil content from LCD screen buttons in the end just press start and sit back to enjoy delicious roti. You can see the mixing process where Rotimatic mixes the ingredients and make a perfect ball then flattened into a single roti- perfect according to your given size and the process goes on. Finally, the discs slips between two heated elements and rapidly cook the roti until it is puffy. At the end of process, roti slides out and you are good to go.

Cleanup is also simple as you can wash the kneaders and plate and put it back easily. Rotimatic will cost you pricey $599 but you have to wait because pre-order 2015 batch is already sold out.

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