Remove Bloatware From Your Rooted Android Device

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Nowadays people prefer to root their Android devices just to enjoy new features without any restrictions, and also to get rid of Bloatware that’s been installed by your carrier and the device manufacturer. Unfortunately you cannot officially uninstall those apps, because Uninstall button does not appear on carrier installed apps. If you are also stuck in the similar situation then here is the way-out.

There are two options- first, you can install a new ROM on your device and start all over again but still you will not be able to get rid of Bloatware, because with fresh install there is some Bloatware included but if you don’t want to take the leap then second way is somehow more convenient and easy. There is an app named NoBloat Free available in Google Play Store that easily removes unwanted apps from your device. There is also a paid version of the app NoBloat for $1.99 (USD) which is quite the same but able to do batch operations and can create a blacklist of system apps that’s to be deleted. It can do the following:

  • Disable apps
  • Backup apps
  • Backup and delete apps
  • Delete apps without backup

Note: don’t just blatantly uninstall anything that you assume to be Bloatware. Be very careful as this app is able to remove system apps.

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You can download the NoBloat Free app from Play Store so install the app in your device.

How to Install and Use NoBloat App

NoBloat Free app will prompt you grant superaccess so tap Grant.

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After granting the Superuser permission, you will see the app main window.

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Tap on System apps which will display all of your device’s system apps so you have the freedom to choose your desired app which you want to get rid of. Free app allows removing one app at a time.

To remove an app – Tap on delete > Select either Backup and delete or Delete without backup > Tap Okay!

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If you choose Backup and delete then you have the choice to go back and restore an app. To restore – go to NoBloat Free main window > tap on Backed up apps > Tap Restore and your app will be restored.

NoBloat is definitely a great app if you are looking to remove Bloatware from your rooted Android phone.