How To Remove / Get Rid of Bloatware on New Laptops


For years, Bloatware is a problem for millions of laptop users, and it does take enough time to maintain and sort out what’s installed on your system but it’s worth the effort. Here are some simple tips with which you can avoid and uninstall Bloatware before and after purchase.

Do the Research First:

Bloatware is very popular strategy to promote, and they often include product pages, custom applications or free trial details. Companies do not hesitate to fill up our computers with useless bloatware and they advertise them as a useful feature to know more about machine but I guess we can live without that.

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If you want to read information then, PC manufacturer’s website is the best option and even on Amazon or Best Buy sites which give enough information on this topic.

Spend More Money

To avoid yourself drowning in Bloatware you have to spend more money, and buy systems that have a large profit margin as manufactures does not include Bloatware on expensive laptops.

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Alternatively, you have the option to buy laptops from a boutique brand – although it will limit your selection as they are more focus on gamers and extreme performance needs. But do shop from Small companies like Falcon Northwest, Origin and Digital Storm as they ship devices without any bloatware.

Now the Actual Trick: How To Remove Bloatware

Simplest solution is to uninstall the bloatware manually, which can be time-consuming. To do so, do a Start Menu search for “uninstall” which will take you to the uninstall window. From here select “uninstall a program” whatever you want to remove you can do that by right-clicking them and then hitting uninstall.

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If you had your laptop for a few months, then it’s better to take help from uninstall helpers and system tune-up suites – like Glary Utilities. Which provides a better & detailed overview of installed softwares with all the required information. It will also let you know that whether it’s safe to remove the software.

If you want to remove every bloatware from your system, then most extreme solution is to re-install Windows. Do remember to install through USB or Disc Drive and not use vendor-provided restoration media as they do have bloatware and all.

Note: Laptops come with a utility and/or driver (critical system tools) so be very careful as don’t mix them up with bloatware and delete them.

Be Careful with Spyware and Adware:

Bloatware is not the only enemy you have; there are Spyware and Adware in the market too. They can be installed by another software if you don’t read the installation steps carefully. Which clearly impacts on the performance of your PC, so it’s better to be careful with what you install. CNET’s is the world’s greatest bloatware distributor so try to avoid them which usually adds non-useful and annoying toolbars in your web browser.

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