Photoshop Lovers – Get Ready To Use Adobe Photoshop on Chromebooks

Adobe Photoshop for Chrome OS

You will soon be able to use Adobe Photoshop on your Chromebooks, Google and Adobe teamed up to provide its users an incredible experience of Photoshop on Chrome OS devices.

This is not an ordinary app that will be provided to you, this is a complete new experience in designing and technology. The most popular photo editing software goes in cloud, they name it “Project Photoshop Streaming”. And it’s not only available for Chrome OS users, it will also be available for Windows users.

Windows users will use Photoshop from their browsers and Chrome OS users will use it via “Project Photoshop Streaming” technology on their Chromebooks. Now you don’t need to worry about installing a complete Photoshop software or app in your computer, which takes about 4GB of space. Just launch a simple sandboxed web-app and access full features of Adobe Photoshop latest release in completely virtualized / Cloud environment.

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Adobe assures, that it is identical to the Adobe Photoshop software you’d install on your machine locally, with just a few exceptions. You can refer to the complete official FAQ to get more information on this.

Users can avail most of the features, options and tools via this streaming version of Photoshop. The app itself is integrated will Google Drive to give you an experience of Cloud-based image editing, and during the editing, your work will also save locally to prevent from losing anything, in case the network goes down.

It is not available in offline mode, you definitely need a network connection minimum 5mbps. Invitation for Beta release testing starts from today, you can apply for that here: Adobe “Project Photoshop Streaming” Application.