Operation: Brilliant Movie Review (Sponsored)

Operation Brillian Sirius Act Movie Featured 4

After the tremendous success of their movies “The Reveal” and “Master of One Move”, the Sirius Act Productions have come up with yet another blockbuster “Operation: Brilliant”. Its story revolves around Agent SA who is on the lookout for some most prestigious and precious thing. She receives a tip about the thing. The message reads: “You will find it at the bar – the diamond, embodiment of beauty and perfect shape.” When she reaches at the bar, instead of precious diamond, another clue is waiting for her. There on the table is lying a whiskey coaster with a button on it which catches her eyes. Am I about to get the final clue for the diamond, she asks herself? Maybe! An instant soft touch on the button makes her realize the beauty of technology. It dawns on her that the diamond was just a symbol of something more important in life. She is positive that a breakthrough is on her way. She jumps in the car and chases through the night. She finds the location – a high-security wing. Like a true professional, she succeeds to unearth what she thinks is the only product line with a complete, new portfolio of push and call buttons which come with easy, fast and convenient handling. The one and the only array of Sirius Act devices we can easily start our performance with at any time. Pushbutton Units and Indicator Lights of the quality never ever experienced by the OEMs and the distributors as well as the sales people to reach a significant effect.

Rating: E (for Ease, Excellence & Extremity of Engineering)

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