Oculus Rift’s Latest Prototype Headset – Ready for Virtual Reality?

Oculus Rift Headset Virtual Reality

Oculus has unveiled a new prototype of its virtual reality headset, named as Crescent Bay which is said to be closer to its consumer edition. Don’t hold your breath as company is still not ready to release its consumer version.

The new headset purportedly is much better but still not perfect as said by Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe, where he also reveals that it’s not easy to reach at this stage but we are getting better with time.

The new headset features a higher resolution and refresh rate, integrated headphones while it reacts according to user’s head movement. Crescent Bay headset also includes LEDs to track 360-degree motion tracking. It’s also weighed much lighter than current development kits that bears nearly 1 pound.

The advancement is impressive and mind blowing. But still one problem haunts Oculus developers as when they will be ready to release the final product for consumers.