Now Android Will Be in Your Car’s Rear View Mirror Glass too!


Android has been extensively used in cars which has led to new vertical in Android evolution. Specialized apps are being made to exploit the car market for Android. We already have seen Android in car accessories like for music system, video playback, television on the back of the front seat and many more. But this is something different which you’ve never thought of nor seen before. This will integrate navigation with Android on car accessories to a new level. Company called Rodin labs have come up with a technology in which now Android will be available on your rear view mirror glass. First of its kind in the industry, Rodin labs launched this technology at Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2014 which was held at Las Vegas, Nevada from 7 – 11 January 2014. This technology will determine the way you communicate with technology devices when you’re inside the car and also driving on the streets.

android rear view mirror glass

Image Source: TechCrunch

The good thing about this device is that it shows your real instantaneous Google Maps along with Rodin Labs own new technology of voice guided navigation. It has a touchscreen too so that you can do various other services also. This can be turned off and can be used as a full sized rear side mirror, if you don’t want to use it for a particular time frame.

Overall we felt that, this is a unique invention, but this is not needed in our daily life. Already drivers are a lot of distraction, while driving and have to bear the traffic issue in daily commute. So this is nothing but an extra disturbance for the people who are driving on the streets. Besides those who are always on chauffeur driven, this device is of no use.

android rear view mirror glass 2

Image Source: TechCrunch

We all know about Pioneer, the popular music systems company for cars. They have partnered with this esteemed brand to provide this unique services for the customers worldwide. The founder of this company IIya Eckstein speaks to TechCrunch and says “To create the ultimate human machine interface for the driver, one needs a superior combination of truly natural voice & language understanding technology and flawlessly integrated hardware components, which is why we are excited to join forces with Pioneer, the world’s top expert on in-vehicle infotainment systems. Together, we are well positioned to radically improve the driving experience for car owners around the globe.”

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