Nikon D7100 Review – Equally Beneficial For Beginners & Experts

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Nikon D7100 that looks almost identical to the D7000 but don’t let the similar body design fool you as there are major improvements in this camera. D7100 has a 24.1-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, 100-6400 ISO sensitivity which can even be boosted 25,600. Other prominent characteristic of this sensor is the removal of optical low-pass filter (OLPF), and with that filter gone images are sharper but theoretically it’s more likely that you could see a little more details in your image. Images are truly impressive, color accuracy and detail is really striking, the low light performance is class leading too but it’s the detail that’s going to impress most people.

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The focus system now has 51-points and 15 of those are cross-type sensors like the high-end full frame cameras from Nikon. It grabs focus fast and accurately. It can shoot at a burst rate of 6fps at 24-megapixels. Using a class 10 SD card you can get about 7 frames at that rate and then it would slow down to around 2 or 3 fps which is about the rate that the buffer could clear shots from the card. You can capture images with the poll 24-megapixel sensor and then you can save them as large, medium or small to save space on your memory card but rather than using software to downsize, Nikon allows you to crop images yourself from 24-MP to 15.3-MP.

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When it comes to shooting modes, there’s full auto mode for beginners, auto mode with no flash, pro shooting modes like program, shutter and aperture-priority, full manual as well as a couple of fully programmable positions called user1, user2 and there’s even a scene mode and a special effects mode. In scene-mode you tell the camera about your environment and all the settings are optimized for you and in special-effects mode the camera apply some sort of in camera post-processing which you select. The camera is truly for any skill level- novice to pro.

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Video capture capabilities on the D7100 are quite good, you can capture 1080p HD video at 24p 25p and 30p 50i, 60i as well as on 720p at 60p or 50p. Movie makers will appreciate that the Nikon D7100 has both a headphone jack and a mic jack and you can adjust sound levels and watch meters bouncing right on the 1.2 million dot LCD panel. Though you cannot adjust sound and aperture during filming but you can adjust shutter speed and ISO. Another thing you can do while filming is snap photos. It can output clean video stream via the HDMI port so you can view and record directly to an external device. You can change the function and behavior of shutter button to movie record button.

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Some other great features of D7100 is that Nikon finally allows us to shoot 5 images in a bracket Set. It uses the same batteries as the D7000 and a couple other Nikon’s. There are 2 SD card slots, see you can have twice as much memory. It has a 100 percent coverage optical viewfinder and of course the built-in configurable pop-up flash. An interesting addition is the ‘i’ button at the lower left which doesn’t display info instead it allows you to adjust settings up things that show up on the info screen so it can be a handy shortcut to several important settings.

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Nikon D7100 is very programmable; you can reset the behaviors of most of the buttons and dials.  There’s even a reset settings menu that has a list of all the menus you’ve accessed recently. Nikon D7100 is great but it could be perfect if the buttons were a little easier to reach and Nikon menus are a little clumsy and little confusing while some settings are just hard to find. Nikon D7100 will cost you $1,096.

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Conclusion- images are amazing; the resolution, sharpness and low noise performance is out class leading features at this price point. The movie functions are great and the countless settings and adjustments available will make every novice and expert shooter happy.