Nextbit Robin Review – The Smarter Cloud Smartphone So Far

Nextbit Robin Cloud Smartphone

Introduction to Nextbit:

An American based mobile company located in San Francisco, United States. So far Nextbit Robin which was launched in August 2015 is the first Android phone that makes running out of space history with the cloud integrated into Android OS. Nextbit is a fresh mobile startup that already off to a hot start with its first phone, Robin. It’s a business based smartphone which was founded by several business experts.

Nextbit Robin Cloud Smartphone 2

Features of Nextbit:

When it comes to speed, the Nextbit Robin has a lighting fast speed of 2GHz Hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor which makes its user more interested in using new features. On the other side as far as the camera is concerned, Nextbit offered you a 13-mega pixel rear camera and 5-mega pixel front shooter camera for selfies with more than 3 eye-catching colors. As it’s called a business cell phone, a heavy battery is fixed in the backside which is non-removable & it measures about 149.00 x 72.00 x 7.00 (height x width x thickness). On the upper left corner, a single SIM (GSM) option is offered for SIM cards. More features like connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, and 4G sensors on the phone include Proximity Sensor, Ambient light Sensor, Accelerometer and much more.

Display & Sound:

 While we’re talking about looks, honestly the screen is what you’d expect from a startup putting out a reasonably priced Android phone. Let’s have a look more closely at Nextbit Robin’s 5.2-inch 2080p IPS LCD display with vivid colors and solid viewing angles.

The Robin also sports a pair of front-facing speakers which are truly splendid. The speakers look better and you can crank up the volume pretty high, its best of Podcast, Audiobook, sound with crisp vocals sounds really good.

Nextbit Robin Cloud Smartphone 3

Hardware & Software:

It’s not just a flat rectangular box, there’s something about seeing a design that tries to evoke speed or strength that can hit you right in the guts before you know it. Robin isn’t sexy; it’s cute, and I’m absolutely, over-the-moon in love with how it looks. The white segment wraps around the phone, matching up perfectly with the length of display and its bezel. The top and the bottom are capped off with light blue and there you’ll find two circular speaker grilles. The weight of the phone is very light without feeling too light. It’s really smooth but the only thing which gripe is the two volume buttons sitting nearly flush with Robin’s left side.

Cloud-Based tricks are not withstanding, Robin’s software is pretty straightforward. Which means along with other things the phone will frequently ask for specific app permission. I’m glad there is a solid software foundation which helps it to update faster. The update is also said to improve battery life and performance across the board, as well as optimize the sound quality.

Nextbit Robin Cloud Smartphone 4

The Competition:

If you’re less concerned about storing files then there isn’t any other phone out there for you that embraces the cloud the way the Nextbit Robin does. You get a completely untouched version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow and it’s the one of the most interesting looking and feeling devices I’ve ever had my eyes and hands on in sometimes. Nextbit Robin definitely stands out without trying too hard to be flashy and intense. It’s just a phone, with clever body design decisions and one that I’m initially a fan of aesthetically.