Most Played Driving Games Of All Time with YouTube Videos


Everybody loves to play some Racing video games as they give us a chance to forget about our worries, give us some boost to face real life, slow traffic and road hazards. There are several games available depending on your mood and depending on how you want to drive. So let’s see some of the most important racing titles available in the video games history.

Road Fighter

Konami- an Infamous video game developer introduced the Road Fighter game back in 1984. It was probably the first game who started the entire craze over car racing games. In Road Fighter you are given a little red car and you have to reach the finish line before the fuel runs out. It may sound easy but as in your journey you have to face several obstacles such as to save yourself from other cars, little fuel power-ups, avoid oil spills etc.

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Out Run

Out Run, released by Sega in 1986 which managed to find a soft spot in every gamer’s heart by giving an opportunity to drive Ferrari Testarossa and go for an endless highway. It was a never ending game where you can set the difficulty level, and you need to reach the checkpoint on time and keep on doing unless you are happy, or have the capacity to avoid all the challenges. Out Run was the first who introduced Radio Stations in a game; something that we now see in Grand Theft Auto series. The game was a huge hit and grabbed many awards.

Super Mario Kart

The infamous Mario is the most beloved game character ever introduced by Nintendo. They have launched several games with him and one of the best is Super Mario Kart. Released in 1992, the game was a first multiplayer arcade racing game which allows you to challenge your friends, see who managed to collect more coins by saving themselves from bananas thrown upon them. Speeding up the cart, reaching the finish line and collecting as many as coins become addictive and gamers loved the game. Super Mario Kart definitely set the benchmark as what gamers expect from all the racing games back then and even in the future.

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Need For Speed 2: Special Edition

The Need For Speed (NFS) franchise came on the scene in 1992, but it was NFS2 brings it to the limelight. Gamers and non-gamers both loved it as it gave them a choice to run fantastically real life like cars such as McLaren F1 or a Jaguar XJ220 to drive around seven courses with different challenges. Available for PC and PlayStation, NFS2’s graphics were the game changers as before that the roads, laps, surroundings and overall design never looked so good and included with exceptional details.


Nadeo developer launched Trackmania back in 2003 and the best part was it’s free online availability. It’s one of the best free online racing games and till now it’s one of the best played online game. In Trackmania players basically have to be on their line of road and accelerating/decelerating at the right time like you would in the real world and make yourself to finish first. It may sound easy but it’s really an art to manage the car which goes crazy, flip around and when encountered with other cars flies through the air.

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NFS Most Wanted

NFS Most Wanted took inspiration from The Fast And The Furious- which has created the bad boy imagery in street racing. NFS Most Wanted allows you to upgrade your car, race fights the cops who are really entertaining to ditch by the way and can chase you till the finish line. Do everything you can to firstly reach the finish line and becomes the best underground racer. Electronic Arts released the new NFS: Most Wanted in 2012 which is as entertaining and thrilling as NFS Most Wanted or actually better than that.

Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport emerges in 2005 and introduced the real life racing experience: real damage where if you hit your car into barrier or any other accident, it will affect your car speed and handling accordingly. NFS took arcade racing to the next level with Most Wanted so as Forza Motorsport which added an unprecedented level of realism to racing games by simulating realistic representation of the racing scenario. There are many game sequels available but Forza Motorsport 5 is one of the best titles available on Xbox One.

Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise is an open-world racing game, which gives freedom to players to choose how they want to upgrade and move on in the game. Its great gameplay modes, slow-motion crash sequences, fantastic graphics and soundtracks loved by the fanatics.

Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5 for the PlayStation 3 has managed to win every award as well as the great reviews from both game and automobile journalists. They recreated real-world tracks, cars that will perform, look and sound just like real cars. The developers at Polyphony Digital thoroughly researched over each car to bring realism and enhanced the overall experience of the game.

Missing anything, do let us know your favorite car racing game in the comments below.