Modular System of Command & Signaling Devices (Sponsored)

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After buying a machine or processor having switch mechanism called pushbuttons, the first thing which comes to the buyer’s mind is whether these buttons are durable and reliable. Some devices need a lot of occurrences of pushing or pressing those buttons which makes them vulnerable to damage, resultantly making the whole machine useless. Thus, from the end-users perspective, it will not be out of place to say that pushbuttons play a vital role in any machine. Likewise, from the point of view of the manufacturers, their products should have all the components perfect in performance, including pushbuttons.


The soon to be launched modular system of command and signaling devices, has all what it takes to make a product perfect. It is made up of an actuator or indicator and contact modules and/or LED modules are offered for the most frequent application cases.

The electrical module is permanently installed on the new compact units, and is only secured by the holder.

Some of the functionalities of the units include improved look of the system, easy handling, self-explanatory and fast one-handed installation, ruggedness against environmental influences, connection to the most commonly used communication systems (PROFINET, AS-Interface, IO-Link), simple integration into the PLC possible via TIA, integrated solution, and much more.

The units promise lower power consumption by means of LED technology and long service life. The pushbuttons and indicator lights are climate-proof (KTW 24) and suitable for standard industrial applications and operation in marine applications. Special attention has been given to make the devices safe for the users.

*This post has been sponsored, but concerns my own opinion.