Microsoft’s Windows 10: The Return of the Start Menu

Windows 10 logo photo picture preview

Microsoft has unveiled the next iteration of its Windows operating system (Windows 10), whereas all the naming conventions leaks and rumors were surprisingly wrong, they want to call it Windows 10 and not Windows 9. Yes, our loving Start menu is back with full glory and much more. Windows 10 Technical Preview is available for users to try and test the unofficial version of Windows 10. Try it at your own risk because it’s just a preview and holds lots of issues and bugs.

Windows 10 is a major upgrade after Windows 8 which is highly disliked by the individuals as well as businesses. If we say that Windows 10 looks like a legit successor of Windows 7 then it will not be wrong. The looks, features, enhancements well everything that’s been added in the Windows 10 surely depict that users criticism and advice has not been ignored.

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Windows 10 is likely to come out in late 2015, when we think of the naming convention as why Microsoft ignored the sequencing numbers? That’s because they want to convey to users that its nothing like Windows 8, and it will provide refreshing and new experience. Windows 10 will be compatible with all devices from laptops, tablets, hybrids, Desktops as well as smartphones so it’s not hard to guess that Windows Phone will also be running Windows 10, moreover Microsoft defines new Windows as “their greatest enterprise platform ever”.


There will be a whole lot of new features like virtual desktop, notifications center, task view, improved command prompt, Snap Assist to name the few. The most obvious and common question is whether it has Start Menu or not. So yes it has the new Start Menu with customizable live tiles. Windows 8’s one of the major flaw was the removal of Start Menu but now as its back users will be comfortable and the whole experience will be “super natural” to Windows 7 users. They did not neglect touch optimization (Charms Bar is still there) It’s also fully optimized to use on touchscreen and now users can switch between tablet and desktop (mouse and keyboard mode) with ease.

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Microsoft’s aims to provide users with almost Windows 7-like experience, you can check the quick guide to the preview and see what’s new. Microsoft has also announced its Windows Insider Program, available now, a developer’s program to allow enterprise people to evaluate it early.

Undoubtedly, users will be pretty excited to get their hands on the Windows 10 Technical Preview; which you can download from here but be patient as the file is quite big. Don’t expect it to run charmingly and it’s recommended that you don’t install it on your daily usage device where you use to do your important daily tasks.