Microsoft Wants Chromecast Replaced with Lumia Phones

Screen sharing for nokia lumia phones and wireless charging

Say hello to Microsoft & Nokia new media streaming gadget ‘Microsoft Screen Sharing for Lumia Phones HD-10’ which is advertised as a potential Chromecast killer. This small gadget similarly connects to your big screen TV via HDMI and micro-USB.

It has been announced at the IFA, where they also gave a demonstration on how you can use this device. You just have to tap on your NFC-enabled Lumia against the gadget (Microsoft Screen Sharing for Lumia Phones HD-10) and it will connect instantly. It’s just that simple!

It will facilitate Windows Phone users to allow them to wirelessly beam content from their Lumia smartphones without any hassle. Anything that can be viewed on a Windows Phone can be mirrored on TV such as videos, Xbox games, photos, documents etc. It will also support other Wi-Fi certified Miracast devices which can be paired with other operating systems as well.

It cannot be viewed as a Chromecast Killer rather it’s an accessory for Windows Phone, because Chromecast is much more functional and full of features than this gadget. Chromecast can display content from Desktop Machines, Apple iOS devices and Android Devices.

It will be available in two colors later this month i.e. black and white while the price will be $79.

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Microsoft Also Announced Wireless Charging Plate for Nokia Phones:

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