Microsoft Spartan Web Browser Download for Windows 10

Microsoft Spartan Web Browser Featured

Microsoft Spartan Web browser build 10049 for Windows 10 is now available for download, you will find all the details in this post.

Microsoft announced Windows 10 in October last year, speculations were made that Microsoft will ditch Internet Explorer and will come up with a brand new name and browser to replace its oldest Internet Explorer browser. That actually happened, we can say that for sure after the announcement of Project Spartan back in January (Brand New Web Browser for Modern Web.)

If you were one of those who tried Microsoft’s Windows 10 Technical preview, then you know Microsoft’s Spartan Web Browser was missing from there. If you are already enrolled in Microsoft’s Windows Installer Program and you do have Windows 10 Technical Preview installed somewhere, then it’s easy to grab the new browser by running Windows Update.

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Before you rush on to try the All New Spartan Web Browser, you should know few things first. It does not provide all the features Mircosoft promised in January during the announcement since this is only the beta version of it, you might also face a few crashes.

Cortana is also integrated with Spartan Web Browser, but currently it’s only available to United States users. Microsoft promised to make that available for other countries as well.

Microsoft’s Spartan Web Browser is available in your Windows 10 Technical preview via Windows Update, go give it a try. Let us know your experience.