Logitech iPhone Case+ System Review

Logitech iPhone Case Plus Featured

By all means Logitech iPhone Case+ system have all the abilities to attract iPhone lovers, because with this you have a choice to do different things what you can wish from an iPhone case. This Logitech iPhone case+ is actually saving you from buying at least five different iPhone accessories. Logitech iPhone Case+ offers you all the core functions in one pack. It is definitely a worthy product from Logitech so let’s move on to see why Case+ feels so important to have.

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Some people avoid having covers for their iPhones, because you know it can scratch the phone during install and removing, but Logitech iPhone Case+ basic case saves you from this hassle.

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It will not cause you this problem because Logitech has included ultra-soft liner inside while the outer case features a matte rubberized finish with aluminum brushing in the centre to serve other accessories. It fits perfectly on iPhone and can save your iPhone to get scratches but for extreme protection go for Lifeproof case.

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+Tilt attaches to the Case+ through magnetization which allows it to have a strong magnetized grip on any metal surface. You can attach it to refrigerator or any metal desk and it will not pop out from its place so you can pull your case away anytime.

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+Drive can easily be attached to your car mount windshield/dashboard because it features a simple design along with magnetization rather than plastic. It can connect to any part of the rear of your iPhone so you will be able to follow turn by turn GPS.

You can easily rotate your iPhone and can set it to your optimal viewing angle. The window suction requires a strong connection and allows your iPhone to stay intact, so you don’t need to worry about your iPhone misplacement and falling around.

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+Wallet allows you to access ID/credit card with ease as it features an exposed cover made of soft fabric, where you can easily place your credit card sized items. The wallet portion lacks stronger magnetization so it can easily be misplaced or removed from pockets while during general use can block rear camera..

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The last but not the least Case+ accessory is a 2300mAh MFi (Apple approved) Lightning battery pack, which definitely will double your iPhone battery. iPhone needs to be place inside lightening connector while a Micro USB port on the left side of the case is use to charge. It immediately starts charging iPhone until the battery is full. 4 LED lights on the back of the cover display the battery life so you just need to press the nearby button to start charging your iPhone. +energy comes with the thick adapter that connects iPhone to the battery which adds some amount of bulk to the iPhone.

Logitech iPhone Case+ is an extremely versatile iPhone accessory but with some heavy price tag of $200. So now it’s your choice if you don’t mind paying a little more for a top quality product.