LG G Watch Powered by Android Wear Review

LG G Watch is an Android Wear powered Smartwatch with amazing features to explore.


LG G Watch’s Design:

Since the announcement of LG G Watch, we have known that it does not feature striking design. G Watch’s design can be summarized as a black box with a display attached to a cheap rubber watchband with the size 1.8 inches tall, 1.5 inches wide and 0.39 inches thick. So if you are looking for some stylish designed and eye catching watch then you have to look for other options.

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LG G Watch’s Display:

It features 1.65-inch IPS LCD bright display with 280×280 resolutions which usually works best indoors but when you go outdoor then the display is unreadable in sunlight. You can control the brightness through the Settings menu (max brightness is a necessity for outdoor use) Well on the other hand, its display is quite responsive to touch- swipes up, down, left or right almost works like charm.

Android Wear has 3 display modes — full “on,” means with full color; dimmed; and a monochrome “always on” display that shows the time in whatever watch face you have selected, as well as a mini view while you also have the option to use the ‘always on’ display function. It has less sensitivity but you can turn on anytime by placing your hand over the display.

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LG G Watch’s Battery life:

As expected LG G Watch can last a single day with a single charge. The charging system is much better than the Samsung Gear Live but still you will need to charge it through charging dock before going to bed. It’s like magnetized cradle made of rubber and plastic powered by a standard MicroUSB cable. You must not lose charging dock as there is no other way to turn on the watch and you also need dock to add apps and software – Place the watch in the dock and plug the dock into a computer to do all the hackery.

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Watch faces for LG G Watch:

LG G Watch has several watch faces, easy to switch usually but unfortunately most of them are not that great. Developers are working on new ones and we may see Pebble like cool watch face with always-on color displays.


Your wrist will be vibrating constantly and you have to struggle to figure which app allow voice response or for which you have to use your phone. You can turn notifications off for specific apps. It looks little bit much to handle and schedule everything like different Gmail accounts, plus a work email, Hangouts or calendar to do all the scheduling. I guess notifications on Android Wear have a significant room for improvement.

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Google Now integration in LG G Watch 

Google Now is awesome as it has brought some great stuff right on your wrist without needing the phone like weather, stocks, travel information, etc. It’s really easy to manage the stuff like hotel and flight information available, weather in multiple cities as well as reminders for appointments etc.

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App integration in LG G Watch:

Developers are still in decision mode as whether it’s worth or not to add App integration so you might have to wait a few to see app integration from your favorite apps.

Availability & Price of LG G Watch:

LG G Watch is now available globally; you can buy it from Google Play or buy it from any retailers like Amazon, Best Buy online or near you. Priced at $229, I guess that LG G Watch is overpriced as Samsung Gear Live that also have high-end design and heart rate sensor is available only at $199.

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It does not have anything revolutionary or game changing but still you can enjoy your time with the LG G Watch. Don’t expect anything amazing from this plain black box wrist accessory as you will be definitely disappointed.

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