iPhone 6 Gold and iPhone 6 Space Gray Mockup vs iPod Touch & iPhone 6 cases – Video


You can see in the video below two iPhone 6 mockups in Gold and Space Gray which have been compared to Apple’s iPhone 5s, fifth generation iPod touch, and the alleged iPhone 6 cases. The quality of the video is quite nice and all the information and details can be seen easily. These iPhone 6 dummy units are very similar to the design of Apple’s fifth generation iPod touch but these obviously does not look like 4.7-inch display which has been rumored that iPhone 6 will have.

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It will be interesting to note that the dummies of iPhone 6 which have been obtained from different sources actually matches perfectly what we have heard in the rumors regarding iPhone 6. It is actually great to see these pretty tight quality control third-party cases and mockups based solely on rumors. These dummies and mockups are actually quite thin but we cannot deny that Apple is pretty much able to introduce this design.

It will be good to keep in mind that these are just dummies and just are here to give us insight and idea of upcoming iPhone 6 size and design. These dummy units have just been designed based on the leaked 3D Apple renders and rumors.

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