iOS 8 – Things To Consider Before Downloading iOS 8

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Backup your Apple Device Before Downloading and Installing Apple iOS 8:

Apple’s latest iOS 8 is now available and all ready to download, and you are likely to be excited to taste this new update but Stop! There are some precautions which should be considered before you go ahead and install iOS 8 on your device. It’s always better to be a little late then sorry and precautionary measures are always healthy.

Apple iOS 8 is compatible with devices back from iPhone 4S, the iPad 2 and the fifth-generation iPod Touch excluding iPhone 4. A whole range of new and exciting features are expected such as time-lapse video feature, Siri, a dedicated health app, a battery usage indicator, enhanced and improved notifications keyboard, but with new upgrades especially some extensive ones like iOS issues are likely to arise so it’s better to Back up your device beforehand rather than complaining later.

Back p your data in iCloud or to your computer, manually

You must be hesitating to store your precious data and information on iCloud after the recent celebs nude photo hacking, but Apple has strengthened its security and enabled two-factor authentication whereas also facilitated to sign out remotely from all browsers.

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There is also an option (from iOS 5 to latest versions) to store data to iCloud automatically but you have to enable this feature – To do so, go to Settings > iCloud > Backup & Storage it will automatically back up your data as long as you are connected via Wi-Fi and your device is plugged in to a power outlet.

How To Backup Apple iOS Device:

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Full backup can take time and sometimes it might get irritating, when you get “unable to complete backup” message after waiting for a long time. In that case, you can transfer files (photos, videos) via an Apple connector to a computer, delete apps that you are not using anymore etc.

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Just for safety, we recommend backing up your iTunes library as well. To do this, Right-click the device in iTunes > Devices and select Back UP, OR tap the file menu > select Devices > Back Up.

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iOS 8 update file is huge (1.2GB) but it requires almost 5.7GB to complete the download and install it efficiently. The freeing space requirement will vary depending upon from which iOS version you are upgrading from, and if you have an older device then the whole process is likely to be more complicated because of the new upgrade that has embedded the new way how apps will sync now.