How to Install and Run Ubuntu Server GUI?

Ubuntu Server GUI Featured

In computing, Ubuntu Server GUI will consider the kinds of interface that precedes users to connect with electronic gadgets through the graphical icons. It includes visual indicators for secondary notation and text based interface depending to the command labels or the text navigation of the interface on graphical interface to the server. With this type of program, it enhances the user to ease the commanding line interfaces to the computer or in a computer server. Program in actions performed usually through the direct manipulation of graphical elements. The system can be found in every mp3 players, gaming devices, media portable players, and industry and office equipment.

Ubuntu Server GUI has compact design in interaction and user interface. Designing visual composition and the temporal behavior on the graphic user interface is a very important role of the software application programming to the area of interaction on human computer. It has the goal to enhance its organization and the ease of usage for underlying design in logical of stored program, the disciple design is called as usability. Methods from the center user design are used to ensure the language on visual introduced to the tailored tasks. Graphical visible interface can have feature on the application that sometimes referred as “chrome”.

Ubuntu Server GUI can be installed depending on the version of software to the computer server. If the user is new to the program and is not familiar to the command prompt that it can install graphic user interface it needs on Ubuntu LAMP of server that uses 2 options that is installing desktop environment and installing Webmin. The Webmin is an important factor of how the system will be installed, it’s a based-web interface for the system administrating for UNIX that uses any kind of modern website browser. The user can setup Apache, file sharing, accounts and many more. With the Webmin it remove the needs of manually editing on Unix files configuration like the password and it lets to manage the system from remotely or console.

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Running Ubuntu Server GUI needs to install depending on the time spending. Basic steps from the edition of the program on any USB or CD stick are same installing on any OS (operating system). Unlike to the version on the desktop, the program it’s not including graphical installation. Instead the edition on server uses the console based-menu process. The steps are the following:

  • The first thing is to download and burning the file of ISO from the program download page.
  • Second, booting the structure from the drive (CD-ROM)
  • Third, from the booting prompt the user will asked to choose the language
  • Forth, choose the “install basic server”
  • Fifth, entering the option appropriate for language, hostname, time-zone, network configuration and keyboard layout.
  • Sixth, he user can choose from the several options of how to configuring the layout hard drive. There are much ways on disk layout that can to configure.
  • And the last the base system on the program is installed.

Ubuntu Server GUI program can also include the based network provisioning structure that uses the program based on standard-industry PXE booting network protocol. Running the program can be confusing but if it’s following carefully the configuring the program can be done in accordance with the complete process to the system. It is important or necessary to run the program on the server? Administrations on server would say NO for the security reasons. But for the home servers, it doesn’t hurt to have desktop lightweight manager to logging in once for a while for performing administrative on demand work.

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Running Ubuntu Server GUI operating system can also save lots of time depending to the memory that is used by few or some desktop server environments. Having a desktop lightweight on the program can help the time and some options have heavy on the resources and the user can choose that works to them. With Azure windows allows the user to run the Linux several distributions and the program is one of those operating system. But sometimes it’ not an easy way for connect remotely the program OS and the version of server doesn’t come with package desktop that installed out on the box. There are steps that can be followed for running the program operating system with user graphical interface:

  • First thing on Ubuntu Server GUI is to recommend the latest updates for running
  • The user can install the default OS desktop
  • Alternatively the user can install the light weight edition. Install the user interface graphical without adding on email or open office
  • Install much light weight environmental desktop just by basic user graphical interface (xface)
  • Installing Gnome 3
  • KDE Kubuntu installation, Open box installation, LXDE installation, XFCE installation and the desktop of classic Gnome 2

Ubuntu Server GUI comes with an equipped graphic user interface and but the edition server does not. The operating system of the program is eligible with their change on the default desktop environment. And running the program can be upgraded to the built-in utilities. The windows are equivalent of the root on the server desktop. When running the operating system, it can affect the user’s daily work and could be dangerous. The incorrect type command on the OS to the server can destroy the program. Ideally, it needs only that privileges the task on the hand. Some cases are necessarily to root but the time is an in regular user.

Ubuntu Server GUI by default, root account is locked to the program password. It means that the user cannot be login as direct root or the use of the “sudo” command become root user. Running the program can display contents of the command line to the server; the mechanics of the program can execute codes and must have dependency libs (libgtk, libgnome, etc) if the user uses the yum, similar or apt, pray for hell minimal dependency and installing the application. Ubuntu Server GUI is the best for effort with the right remote sharing file and the installing the software can be the best recommendation of all.