How To Use Galaxy S5’s Slow & Fast Motion Video Features

Take a look at Samsung Galaxy S5's Slow and Fast motion video features...


Undoubtedly Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has one of the best cameras, it offers you several awesome features like UHD video and several other video shooting modes. You can also shoot in slow and fast motion video modes with just simple clicks. In the video below you can see three different slow-mo speeds 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 speeds which looks absolutely amazing.

Galaxy S5's Slow & Fast Motion Video Features Screen shot 1

Amazon Buy Now Button TechDiggersIt’s really simple to enable and switching between different video modes. For this you have to launch the camera app > Tap settings > Navigate to “Recording mode” in the settings > Switch to “Slow motion” and also > Select the slow-mo speed. Once you have selected your slow motion speed, it will automatically start recording in slow motion whenever video record button will be clicked.

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You can also shoot in “fast motion” mode with Samsung Galaxy S5 which on contrary increases the speed. You can find this fast motion playback in the same camera settings. You can tap on Fast motion and can also select playback speed from x2, x4 or x8.

If you want to quickly enable the fast/slow motion settings and want to switch between them with ease then you can do so by pressing and holding the Video mode button in the settings and just have to drag it over the bar(left hand side). Now you can switch between settings with just a single tap.

Video resolution in slow motion is limited to 1280 x 720 while for fast motion it is limited to 1920 x 1080.

These slow and fast motion videos can be saved and shared on social networks as well as in cloud in the same way and ease but you have to lower the file sizes and video lengths.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Slow and Fast Motion Features Video by AndroidCentral