How To Synchronize Files On Ubuntu Linux With OneDrive


Microsoft has increased the free storage limit of OneDrive and you can also take advantage of it on Ubuntu Linux distribution as well. Although, Microsoft does not have an official client for Ubuntu Linux but an app named OneDrive-d (which is under development) will surely help you to synchronize your files with OneDrive. Let’s see how you can do it.

Why OneDrive?

Microsoft is trying its best to offer users with best services and to go ahead of its counterparts they have introduced OneDrive and the best part is that, OneDrive offers 15GB generous free space to its free users solely for your files storage. Google also offer 15GB but it’s shared among all Google Services inducing Gmail.

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Moreover, Microsoft has also decreased its prices as now you can get 100GB for just $1.99 per month rather than $7.49. Office 365 subscribers will get a whopping 1TB with the same old price $6.99 per month. OneDrive is surely better than other cloud storage services since Dropbox still only offers 2GB for free users while Ubuntu One has also disappeared.

OneDrive-d For Ubuntu

If you want to use OneDrive for your cloud storage needs then you have to run a few commands to download and install it as OneDrive-d utility isn’t available in any repos yet.


First, go to OneDrive-d on GitHub > download the latest version of the utility > unzip it > move resulting folder into your Home Directory.

Synchronize Files on Ubuntu Linux with Onedrive screen shot 1

Open Terminal and type the following command:

cd onedrive-d-master/ && sudo ./inst install

It will direct the terminal to unzipped folder and then will run the installer script. After successful installation, preferences window will show up automatically but if it does not, then run the following command:



You can log into your Microsoft account which you use for OneDrive from preferences window. For now only one account is supported. After login, choose the folder you would like to designate for syncing with OneDrive but If you want to choose a brand new folder then you have to make it yourself first.

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Synchronize Files on Ubuntu Linux with Onedrive screen shot 2

You can choose not to include various temporary files like Windows-only files and Mac-only files from synchronization but I recommend it to keep it turned on.

That’s it! The utility should synchronize with OneDrive perfectly. An icon will be appearing in the tray so you can click it and check that everything is working and in a good place.

This utility does not have an option to start at boot so you have to do this yourself. You can start utility by running the command onedrive-d in a terminal. Or just add it to your list of startup application list by opening the Dash and search for Startup Applications.

Synchronize Files on Ubuntu Linux with Onedrive screen shot 3

So With this utility, you can finally use OneDrive on Ubuntu Linux. It’s sad that we don’t have the option for Google Drive.

Would you use OneDrive with Ubuntu Linux? Let us know in the comments!