How to Keep Windows Phone 8.1 Battery Last Longer

Improve Battery life of your Windows Phone, read few tips in this article.


If you are looking for some of the best tips which can significantly increase your Windows Phone 8.1 device battery timing then keep on reading as these tips will help you in this regard.

Screen Brightness Options

You can start with adjusting your device brightness. You can set the brightness manually or set it to automatically adjust the brightness. Open Settings > brightness and set automatically adjust to On, it will set brightness based on your environment by detecting device’s light sensor. You can also choose from options like low, medium or high, but do remember that brighter display will surely decrease the battery life.

Battery Saving Tips for Windows Phone 8.1 Screen shot 1

You can also change the background to light and dark by going to Settings > start+theme. If your Windows Phone device has an AMOLED display then it’s better to chose Dark and for LCD devices chose the Light background to increase your battery timing.

Disable Connectivity

Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade comes with improved connectivity toggle buttons but it’s also a fact that they reduce your device’s battery timing considerably. So to increase the battery timing you should disable NFC by going into settings, as well as if not in use disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi by tapping the relevant buttons.

Battery Saving Tips for Windows Phone 8.1 Screen shot 2

It is also recommended to disable the two options ‘Automatically connect to Wi-Fi hotspots provided by my mobile operator’andSend information about Wi-Fi connections to help discover nearby Wi-Fi’, as it also helps to reduce battery use without affecting your Windows Phone experience. You can also chose to switch off location services going into Settings > Location but it will affect certain apps using these services.

Close All Unused Apps

You can close the apps tapping the X button, by holding the back button as it will show you a scroll through list.

Battery Saving Tips for Windows Phone 8.1 Screen shot 3

If you want your phone’s battery to last longer, try to run fewer apps and close all the apps that are power hungry like games and videos.

Use Glance

Glance is like a lock screen that displays information in a selection of colors. Colors are suitable to use in low light, basically for use at night.

Battery Saving Tips for Windows Phone 8.1 Screen shot 4

The Glance screen options can be adjusted to save battery, can select peek to minimize the impact. If you don’t want to use it you can close the feature.

Use Battery Saver

Battery saver feature actually work much better and it is recommended to enable this option. Battery Saver is an improvement of the Windows Phone 8, with this enabled you can receive texts and calls but notifications will not be displayed and emails will not be checked automatically.

Battery Saving Tips for Windows Phone 8.1 Screen shot 5

You can configure the battery saver by going into Settings > Battery Saver and make sure that it is set to On. Here you can also see what apps are draining the maximum battery so you must close or uninstall them.

ConclusionWindows Phone 8.1 allows you to control settings with ease, so you must take advantage of it and see which connectivity options are currently enabled/disabled as it can significantly increase your phone battery.