GTA 5 Online: Major Updates Brought Deathmatch, Race Creator And Much More New Features




Grand Theft Auto 5 is a biggest hit of the year and I am sure that this game has achieved such an immense success that none of any game has seen. It has broken almost all the selling records just in a few weeks. Although the game is able to sell itself without any doubts but the main reason why people purchased this game at the first place is due to the lack of a fully functional GTA Online from the get-go, But finally Rockstar has launch it again with all the fully working functionality which is required.

GTA Online experience has been improvised and multiplayer are more than happy with this new update which allows users to create their own death matches, races, and generally enjoy loads of new customizations. GTA Online has added great features and options and some extra tweaks which is able to mesmerize users and they just cannot get out of the games magic.



Well everything about this epic game is great without any doubts, whether it is some stunning and glossy visualization or whether there are unparalleled characters, vehicles, buildings and general scenery. And now with this new online elements which have been added recently, it will take the users to another peak’s level.



The Death match and Race Creators still in Beta though, developers has managed to create the title’s various modes with some limited set of tools. With this toolkit, the gamers can create their own street races, fights, and other pleasant-sounding enterprises using the Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Race, GTA Race, and Rally Race modes. You will not be disappointed that is the company’s assuredly.



As today is the era of socializing, Rockstar Games has also a Social Club within the game with which you can share these creations for others to download and who is happily competing with you. Creators are going to add some more updates in near future in this Beta release.

And some people or I would say many who have already completed their GTA 5, now there are few other reasons for you to stick to it and keep playing.

Source: (Redmondpie)