Google’s Self-Driving Car Doesn’t have a Steering Wheel


Google has just unveiled its latest self driving car which by the way does not have any steering wheel or pedals. It’s the latest project called Google-X headed by Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin.

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The car is basically a two seater with some distinguishing features, like there is no driver needed to drive this car as it can run entirely by computer sensors chipped inside it. According to Google it is still in prototype phase but they are actually planning to build approx 100 cars for summer testing. Manual transmission is also included in Testing cars for safety measures.

Google disclosed its basic goal for introducing this self driving car is to minimize the auto accidents which are on the rise. 1.2 million People worldwide encounter these accidents with large majority of deaths as well. So Google believes that technology can help in this matter as technology can sense and react to things faster and better than humans.

Moreover it’s also been said that Google does not partnered up with any company, as for now the project is still in building phase and will continue to do so. Car’s windshield is flexible and the front end is made of foam, first of its kind. Google put a premium on safety so for now it’s having top speed of 25 MPH, because less speed means less damage.

The progress of the project is still on discussion with contractors and manufacturers. Sergey Brin said that, these cars are a mean to provide “Robo-Taxis” for people to get rides on demand and our prototype has all the ability which will bring revolutionary and groundbreaking change in the community.